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Is Back Pain Ruining Your Summer Activites?

Is Back Pain Ruining Your Summer Activites?

With the gorgeous Texas Summer officially upon us, it’s hard to resist enjoying a round of golf on the green, an easy jog around Memorial Park, or a competitive game of tennis.

Unfortunately, injuries occasionally happen which put a damper on a summer plans. While reaching for the bottle of aspirin from the medicine cabinet might alleviate the pain temporarily, sometimes the problem is a bit more persistent and requires a visit to your doctor to determine the severity of your injury.

In my many years of experience practicing medicine and rehabilitation specializing in spine and sports medicine, the most common fear expressed by my patients  when visiting a doctor is the diagnosis of surgery.

Oftentimes, patients with a painful injury will visit their primary care physician (PCP) first, only to be referred to a specialist, such as an orthopedic surgeon or other type of doctor, who may or may not recommend surgery to fix the cause of the pain. In some cases, the specialist will determine that a more thorough diagnosis is needed before putting the patient “under the knife.”

While the practice of conservative spine and sports medicine is still gaining awareness among medical professionals, PCPs and specialists are beginning to turn more and more to the expertise of physical medicine doctors to determine whether or not a patient should incur surgery as a solution to their injury.

My practice at The Spine and Sports Center is dedicated to accurately diagnosing the cause of a patient’s pain and first determining if minimally invasive methods or physical therapy might be a solution to their ailment before turning to surgery, which can be both costly and physical demanding.

If you suffer from acute or chronic pain in the back, neck, shoulders, knees or hips, call me first to determine if a minimally invasive solution will work for you. We’ll give you an accurate diagnosis for the cause of your pain and set you on the right path to recovery. The only thing you have to lose is more time off the golf course! Call me today at (713) 590-2700 or visit our website at www.TheSpineAndSportsCenter.com for more information.