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Board-certified physiatrist and spine specialist Benoy Benny, MD, relies on nonsurgical treatments whenever possible. When surgery is necessary, Dr. Benny uses minimally invasive procedures at The Spine and Sports Center in Houston, Sugar Land, and the Willowbrook/Cy-Fair area of Texas. For the highest-quality care in minimally invasive spine surgery, call or book an appointment online today.

Minimal Invasive Procedures Q & A

What are minimally invasive spine procedures?

Most of the time, back pain resolves with nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy and medications. When back and neck pain continues to interfere with your life despite conservative treatment, it may be time to consider surgery. 

Dr., Benny, Medical Director and Founder of The Spine and Sports Center performs minimally invasive procedures. Unlike traditional surgery, these procedures use very small incisions, or no incisions at all. This means less damage to healthy tissues, less pain, and a faster recovery for you. 

Why would I need minimally invasive spine procedures?

Dr. Benny uses minimally invasive procedures to treat a variety of spine conditions, including:

Herniated discs

Herniated discs, also called bulging discs, cause low back and leg pain in nearly 10 million people. This condition occurs when some of the soft, gel-like material inside a spinal disc creates a bulge in a weak spot in the outer ring of cartilage. If the herniated disc presses on a spinal nerve, it may cause pain, numbness, and tingling.

Lumbar spinal stenosis

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a narrowing of your spinal canal in the lumbar (lower back) region. Narrowing usually results from an excess growth of tissue, such as bone or cartilage. This may compress spinal nerves and lead to pain, numbness, and muscle weakness in your lower body. 

Vertebral compression fractures

A vertebral compression fracture occurs when a back bone (vertebra) breaks. This can result from a fall or car accident, but it’s most often due to weakened bones from osteoporosis. 

What are common minimally invasive spine procedures?

Depending on your specific condition, Dr. Benny may perform one of the following minimally invasive procedures at The Spine and Sports Center:

Percutaneous discectomy

Dr. Benny may treat a herniated disc with percutaneous discectomy. This procedure involves inserting a small tube (cannula) into the bulging disc with the help of X-ray guidance. No incision is necessary. 


This treatment for vertebral compression fractures also uses X-ray imaging guidance. Dr. Benny inserts a small, hollow needle into the treatment area and repairs the fractured vertebra with medical-grade bone cement. 

To find out if a minimally invasive procedure is right for you, call The Spine and Sports Center or book an appointment online today.