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The Spine and Sports Center

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If you’ve suffered a sports injury, spine injury, or neurological condition, board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician Benoy Benny, MD, can help. Dr. Benny focuses on rehabilitation and physical therapy at The Spine and Sports Center at in Houston, Sugar Land, and the Willowbrook/Cy-Fair area of Texas. Dr. Benny is also affiliated with physical therapy centers in the Greater Houston area, so if he’s unable to treat you, he provides you with an excellent referral. For more information about rehabilitation and physical therapy, call or book an appointment online today.

Rehabilitation & Therapy Q & A

What is rehabilitation medicine?

Dr. Benny is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, also known as physiatry. This medical specialty focuses on restoring functional independence to people experiencing disability due to injuries, diseases, and disorders. 

As a rehabilitation medicine specialist, Dr. Benny focuses on the whole person. He takes a multidisciplinary approach to addressing your unique physical, emotional, social, occupational, and medical needs. 

The goal of rehabilitation is to help you achieve the highest level of independence and quality of life possible. Although rehabilitation won’t reverse or cure the damage that results from an injury or disorder, it improves your overall health, well-being, and day-to-day functioning. 

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitation that focuses on restoring physical function and mobility. Dr. Benny may include physical therapy in your individualized treatment plan for all phases of healing, from recovery to prevention. 

Depending on your specific needs, physical therapy may include:

  • Manual (hands-on) therapy
  • Exercises to improve strength, flexibility, or balance
  • Heat and cold therapies
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Therapeutic ultrasound

Dr. Benny also provides you with information about your condition and teaches you exercises to perform on your own for continuous improvement. Physical therapy may relieve pain and reduce your need for pain medications or invasive procedures like surgery. 

Why would I need physical therapy and rehabilitation?

At The Spine and Sports Center, Dr. Benny uses physical therapy and rehabilitation to treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Spine injuries
  • Joint pain and arthritis
  • Sports injuries, such as fractures
  • Neurological conditions, such as stroke and multiple sclerosis

Physical therapy and rehabilitation can also help you recover from a surgical procedure, such as hip replacement.

What should I expect from rehabilitation and physical therapy?

First, Dr. Benny carefully evaluates your condition and pinpoints any areas of abnormal functioning, such as restricted movement. Then, he creates a personalized rehabilitation plan focused on your specific needs. 

The number of physical therapy treatments you need depends on the type and severity of your condition. For the best results, it’s important to follow Dr. Benny’s instructions for home care and exercise throughout the program. 

To learn more about physical therapy and rehabilitation, call The Spine and Sports Center or book an appointment online today.