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Heal Your Overuse Injury Faster with PRP Therapy

Heal Your Overuse Injury Faster with PRP Therapy

The worst thing you can do to an overuse injury is continue as if nothing happened. Proper recovery time is necessary, but regenerative medicine can help you get back in the game faster. PRP therapy can boost your body's natural healing abilities with targeted injections of platelet-rich plasma. 

At The Spine and Sports Center in Sugarland and Houston, Texas, Dr. Benoy Benny provides regenerative medicine, including PRP treatment, to help repair damaged tissue and restore mobility after overuse injuries.

How PRP therapy works 

To understand how platelet-rich plasma works, you need a general understanding of what’s within your blood. 

Along with red and white blood cells, you have platelets, which help to clot wounds. These cells also signal growth factors to the site of an injury, where they can begin healing the damage. All these cells are suspended in plasma, the liquid medium that pumps through your veins. 

When put through a centrifuge, your blood splits into its different components, making it easier for scientists to isolate and concentrate them. PRP therapy does just this, creating a platelet-rich plasma that can be used as a healing serum. 

Healing overuse injuries with PRP 

Overuse injuries are problems caused by long-term use, rather than an acute injury. They can happen to anyone, athletic or not. In fact, a common overuse injury among office workers is carpal tunnel syndrome, a wrist condition that can lead to chronic pain and loss of mobility. 

If you’ve developed an injury caused by overuse of a specific muscle, tendon, or ligament, proper rehabilitation is necessary to heal it. This means taking time off from whatever activity is agitating it and seeking help from a specialist. 

At The Spine and Sports Center, we have experience with the following overuse injuries

Along with rehabilitation using physical therapy and other therapeutic exercises, Dr. Benny also utilizes regenerative medicine. This can include stem cell therapy, amniotic membrane injections, and/or platelet-rich plasma

During your appointment, Dr. Benny and his team evaluate your injury to determine whether PRP injections will be effective. If you decide to proceed, a sample of your blood is taken and processed using the centrifuge. 

From there, the PRP solution is injected directly into your affected joint, ligament, or tendon. Since the healing serum contains nothing but your own cells, your body will accept the assistance and begin healing the intended area. 

You still need time, rest, and rehabilitation to fully recover, but PRP therapy can help speed up the process. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling our location closest to you or booking an appointment online today.

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