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Can Minimally Invasive Surgery Treat My Herniated Discs?

Can Minimally Invasive Surgery Treat My Herniated Discs?

Spinal surgery is an intimidating concept, but when you work with a surgeon who uses minimally-invasive methods, you don’t have to feel apprehensive about the procedure. These techniques use few to no incisions, reducing pain and recovery time. If your herniated disc isn’t improving, minimally invasive surgery can help you get results with less risk. 

At The Spine and Sports Center locations in Sugarland and Houston, Texas, Dr. Benoy Benny and our team provide minimally invasive procedures as an option for many patients suffering from disc herniation. 

The basics of herniated disc treatments 

Treating herniated discs usually starts with the most conservative options possible. Bed rest takes the pressure off your spine, physical therapy strengthens the muscles supporting it, while medications reduce inflammation. 

Nerve blocks, steroid injections, and regenerative medicine can also work wonders for herniated discs, limiting pain and encouraging your body to heal itself. While all of these are effective in some cases, no treatment method is successful in every situation. Sometimes surgical intervention is necessary.

However, major surgery on your spine isn’t typically recommended unless it’s the only option available. There are minimally invasive surgical procedures that can provide you with the results you need, and Dr. Benny is skilled in all of them.

When to consider surgical intervention 

Herniated discs take time to heal. If you’ve just begun seeking treatment for your back pain, you might have to try a few things before finding a solution that works for you. However, if your back pain has persisted or worsened despite conservative measures, it might be time to begin discussing surgical options. 

Surgery doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be going under the knife. Minimally-invasive methods have grown in popularity over the years, and most surgeons prefer these techniques over traditional surgery. 

Our approach to minimally invasive spine surgery 

At The Spine and Sports Center, Dr. Benny offers percutaneous discectomy for herniated discs. This procedure requires no incisions, just the insertion of a small tube (cannula) into the injured disc. 

The cannula is guided into place using live X-ray technology, and the herniated tissue is removed using a rotating tip. This takes pressure off of the nerves surrounding your spine, and encourages your disc to reabsorb the herniation. 

Between the thin cannula and X-ray guidance, discectomies cause very little tissue damage. This not only reduces scarring and pain, but your recovery time as well. Physical therapy and regenerative medicine can be used to speed up healing even more, helping you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. 

To learn more about this option for herniated discs, schedule a consultation with Dr. Benny by calling the location closest to you, or book an appointment online today. 

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