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How Arthritis Affects Your Hips

Regardless of what kind of arthritis you have or what joints are affected, inflammation and pain are probably two constants in your life. Hip arthritis can seriously impact your mobility and quality of life, and even lead to disability. 

At The Spine and Sports Center at The Galleria in Houston, Sugar Land, and the Willowbrook/Cy-Fair area of Texas, Dr. Benoy Benny provides help for patients with hip pain caused by arthritis. 

If you’ve recently been diagnosed or want more information on hip arthritis, we can answer your questions and help you put together a treatment plan that works for you. 

Understanding the hip joint

Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint that consists of two primary bones: your pelvis and femur. 

To narrow things down further, the acetabulum (socket) joins with the femoral head, which is covered in articular cartilage. This cartilage is a low-friction substance that prevents your bones from grinding together. 

The effect of arthritis on the hips 

Arthritis is an umbrella term that means “joint inflammation.” Under that umbrella, there are a few different types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis most commonly affects the hip joint. 

Osteoarthritis is known as wear-and-tear arthritis, and tends to worsen over time. It’s the most common form of hip arthritis, especially among older people. 

Hip arthritis occurs when injury and inflammation damage the cartilage. When this cartilage begins to break down, your body loses the cushion and shock absorption the cartilage provides. 

The primary issue with osteoarthritis is that cartilage doesn’t heal easily, and your body’s natural healing response slows down as you get older. As the damage to your hip joint worsens, so does the arthritis and pain. 

Treatment options for hip pain 

While there’s no cure for arthritis, you can manage the pain and prevent further damage. Regenerative medicine and physical therapy can help improve your mobility and alleviate inflammation. 

We evaluate the condition of your hip using X-rays or an MRI. From there, we can put together a treatment plan that meshes with your lifestyle. This might include: 

Many people first try conservative, minimally invasive methods of treatment, but if arthritis seriously affects your mobility and routine surgery can be discussed. 

Are you experiencing hip pain? Get in touch with our specialists by calling the office closest to you or booking a visit online today. 

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