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Remedies for Your Shoulder Pain

Remedies for Your Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder consists of a ball-in-socket joint, supported by a complex arrangement of ligaments, muscles, and tendons. If any part of your shoulder becomes damaged or degraded, it can cause persistent pain and weakness.  

At The Spine and Sports Center in Sugarland and Houston, Texas, Dr. Benoy Benny provides a wide range of treatments for shoulder pain, from conservative, minimally invasive options to surgical procedures to help repair and stabilize your joint.

Common causes of shoulder pain 

Without proper examination, shoulder pain can be a vague and difficult problem to diagnose. Like your knees and hips, your shoulder is a large and elaborate joint with plenty of weaknesses. A sports medicine doctor is more likely to have the tools and expertise to identify the problem accurately. 

Shoulder injuries can usually be slotted into two categories: acute and chronic. Acute injuries are fresh, and may need special attention or surgery to heal properly. Chronic pain is often caused by old injuries, overuse, or degenerative disease. 

Common causes of shoulder pain include: 

Potential remedies for shoulder pain

Before any action can be taken, it’s important to determine exactly what’s causing your shoulder pain. Dr. Benny begins by reviewing your medical history and asking about any previous injuries to your shoulder, before moving on to perform examinations and imaging tests. 

Once the specifics of your injury have been fully laid out and your diagnosis is complete, Dr. Benny begins building your treatment plan. At The Spine and Sports Center, we recommend the most conservative treatment that will be effective, which may include one or more of the following: 

PRP therapy has been especially helpful in treating shoulder pain caused by both acute and chronic injuries. The PRP process concentrates platelets from your own blood to encourage healing in targeted areas. This not only reduces pain and speeds up recovery, but can also help you avoid surgery if damage is mostly to soft tissue. 

To learn more and discuss your treatment options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Benny and his team. You can get in touch by calling the location closest to you or booking an appointment online today. 

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